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Concealed Carry Licensing

Hand GunAfter finishing your concealed carry instruction by a certified instructor the next step is to apply for a license. Sometimes there are problems that may arise in the application process. Whether there is an administrative error or the county is simply delaying your license past the statutory deadline, please call to schedule an appointment so we can ensure your ability to protect yourself is not impaired by needless delays.

State law establishes formal procedures that county sheriffs must follow when denying an application for a concealed carry license, and before the sheriff can suspend or revoke a license once it has been issued. For instance, before a license can be revoked the license holder is entitled, pursuant to their due process rights, a hearing on the matter. Barney DeBrosse, LLC, Attorneys at Law has experience in dealing with issues from license suspension and revocation to administrative maintenance of a concealed handgun license. If you are facing denial, suspension, or revocation of your concealed carry license, let us help you make sure that the sheriff follows the rules.

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