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Federal Firearm License


A Federal Firearms License, or “FFL”, is a license that permits an individual to buy and sell firearms for profit. Licensees must organize their firearms business in accordance with strict federal laws, and must comply with extensive regulations governing paperwork, inventory records, transaction reports, and other aspects of the business. Failure to comply with even a seemingly insignificant requirement of the law can result in revocation of the license, which can lead to business failure. Every FFL should have legal counsel with experience in the organization and regulation of firearms businesses, and who is able to defend the business from allegations of misconduct.

The Process to obtain an FFL in a nutshell is as follows

  • Make the decision to apply for the FFL.
  • Submit the completed application and pay the required fee.
  • The application is then reviewed with all supporting documentation, fingerprint cards, photographs and a background check.
  • The application is then sent to your nearest BATFE field office.
  • Your application once received by the field office is assigned to an Industry Operations Investigator (“IOI”) for an in person interview.
  • After the interview the IOI submits a report with recommendations as to whether or not a license should be issued to the field office.
  • The field office will then also submit its recommendations to the BATFE.
  • If you are in total compliance with state and federal law an FFL should be issued within approximately 60 days.

If you are currently a federal firearms licensee, or would like to apply for a license, contact our office to learn how we can help you start out on the right foot, stay legal, and make your business a success.

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