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Firearm Related Business Issues

If you are a business owner, gun related or not, who has questions or concerns regarding firearm rights and liabilities Barney DeBrosse, LLC, Attorneys at Law is available to represent you. Having represented business clients who deal regularly with firearms as part of their industry and also those that simply have questions as to liability for their non-gun related business operations Barney DeBrosse, LLC, Attorneys at Law is ready and willing to assist.


Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Liability protection
  • Legal opinions
  • Places of Worship security legal consultation
  • Business formation and maintenance
  • Commercial contract/lease negotiation with regards to gun rights

Barney DeBrosse, LLC, Attorneys at Law also offers a certified instructor business formation and liability protection package for a flat fee. The fee grants to the certified instructor legal representation with regards to forming a business entity and the drafting of a liability release for use in the instructor’s business.

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