NRA Convention Update Part 1


This is the Ohio Gun Lawyer Michael Truman live from the NRA Annual Meeting and Expo in Louisville Kentucky. This morning I was able to tour the main floor of the Expo Center. If you have not been able to attend the NRA Expo it is something that every gun owner should do at least once. The size of the convention floor is incredible and you can hold just about any firearm or piece of equipment you can imagine.  I have posted several pictures from the convention floor on our Facebook page.  They also have an incredible selection of historic guns from the 1700s and 1800s.

I am currently at the annual NRA legal seminar which features some of the top firearms attorneys and legal minds in the country. Derek DeBrosse is one of the featured speakers for the second year in a row. So far today we have heard from attorney Chris Zealand who is a senior research attorney for the NRA and Teresa Ficaretta who has over 20 years of experience with FFL regulatory matters.

The featured speaker at the legal seminar lunch was Lt. Col. Oliver North. It was an honor to be in the presence of a true American hero. His speech was a call to action to push legislation that will allow soldiers to carry firearms on U.S. soil so they can adequately defend themselves. It is embarrassing that our country does not allow soldiers to carry on all military bases and at recruiting stations.

Upcoming speakers today will focus on changes in gun trusts laws, gun rights restoration law, and ethical issues.