NRA Convention Update Part 2


This is Gun Lawyer Michael Truman blogging live from the NRA legal seminar. The previous post on this page contains Part 1 of our NRA Convention updates. The afternoon speakers at the seminar have focused on some areas of the law that are especially important to some of our clients.

NRA assistant general counsel Sarah Gervase kicked off the afternoon session with some important discussion on NFA trusts. She emphasized the importance of a well written trust and cautioned against using an off the shelf trust as each persons situation is unique. Sarah also discussed the changes that the Obama administration has made to NFA trust law. These changes go into effect on July 13, 2016. Anyone considering an NFA trust should contact us immediately if you wish to beat the deadline for these new regulations. We can also advise on how these new regulations will effect you and your existing trust.

The second speaker was Brent Weil who focused on various forms of waivers of liability and insurance in the firearms industry. He specifically focused on the best practices for drafting these documents. Our firm always advises the FFLs, gun ranges, and instructors that we represent on the importance of minimizing their liability through waivers and releases. Some courts are hesitant to enforce general releases so it is important that the required specific language be used. We have drafted many of these documents for our clients and they are extremely important to ensuring the future success of a firearms related business.

The next firearms related speaker was our very own Derek DeBrosse. Derek did a great job representing our practice and provided practical advice for analyzing firearms issues. He focused on our involvement in restoration of firearm rights and our efforts to expand restoration of rights procedures available in the future. No one understands this issue like the Gun Layers at Barney DeBrosse and we love helping other attorneys serve their gun clients more effectively all across the county.